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Mitt lost round one

I assert this with little trepidation despite pundits from both sides of the political aisle declaring him a clear winner. He was declared the winner by default because he did not lose. Because he came into the debate with such low expectations of anything less than more gaffs, blunders, and refutable facts, that all he had to do was keep everyone's eye on a more presentable ball while ignoring the limp, flat one in that is actually his campaign.

He lost because he did not do what he actually needed to do to win. He merely revamped his inconsistent and fact permeable rhetoric with a solid Gordon Gekko like performance whereby we "Oxandrolone Powder India" got a glimpse Is Testosterone Propionate Illegal of what a CEO president would look like. Arrogant, overbearing, and cocksure of himself despite being completely out of touch with two things he sorely needs to win this election: the truth, and the support of the American middle class.

The fact that the GOP has all but abandoned the middle class of this country notwithstanding, the main thrust of the assertion to Romney's failure is his lack of ability to tell the truth in lieu of the fact that his self proclaimed business prowess assures us he is all too aware.

He prefers, or so it seems, to pander to the ignorance of the majority of voters and in doing so Buy Cheap Jintropin Online either demonstrates a complete disregard for them, or simply does not know himself something he, "Oxandrolone Powder India" as a business tycoon, should clearly know. Either way, he is disingenuous to a fault.

In the debate last week, he stated as evidence of President Obama's failures, that fuel prices had doubled in the last four years and while actually true, evoked a smoke and mirror effect of pandering to the emotions of the American voter. This statement alone, despite there being many more like it, captures why Romney clearly lost this debate.

The fact is, the President has little to no influence on gasoline prices. Romney knows this. The prices are set by the financial exchanges all over the world. Much goes in to how they are determined including, but not limited to, the price and availability of crude oil worldwide, the financial markets, the subsidies provided by governments to the oil companies, and the ruling factor of all: supply and demand.

To insinuate that the sitting president has anything to do with the price of fuel is tacitly false and indicative of someone who is either ignorant themselves of how the world economy functions, or is banking on the ignorance of those who would vote for one who makes such audacious statements.

Furthermore, Romney touts the necessity of American energy independence and implies that drilling at home somehow facilitates this.

A high school level comprehension of energy economics would suffice for anyone to understand that all oil drilled in the world goes into a global pot that is traded on the global market. It is a bait and switch argument designed to appeal to Organon Sustanon 250 3x1ml the emotions of the voter.

What is laughable is that 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron it is Masteron King Mitt's own people, the Wall Street tycoons that is, who play more of a role in our energy woes than any political figurehead can.

And, let's not even get started on the subsidies provided for the likes of business types like Romney, large corporations, and oil companies.

It is doubtful however that he is unaware of these things hence the insult to the injury perpetrated upon the American people by his disingenuousness.

By pandering to the lowest common denominator of the voting public, the ignorant and ill informed that is, he affirms without repudiation his willingness to metaphorically sell his own soul to get the job.

This is to say, he would rather pretend he is as ignorant as they are, then to speak in terminology demonstrating the competence that is becoming of a business man of his stature.

How anyone can reconcile dishonesty with winning a debate on matters of consequence is telling of what our collective definition of winning has become.

This is but a brief example of a growing list of misrepresentations by this candidate that will continue to plague him in his bid for the Oval Office.

A short and all too soon declared victory in an orchestrated debate hardly makes this man a winner of anything.

Dallas Hyland is an opinion columnist. The opinions stated in this article are his and not representative of St. George News. He is a sponsored photographer and product tester for companies such as Clik Elite and its adventure photography line of camera bags. George News and the opinion editor at The Southern Utah Independent, Hyland's investigative journalism and opinion columns have ranged in topics from local political and environmental to the international front covering issues such as human trafficking in Colombia.

At once action oriented and of deep philosophical inclinations, Hyland's work drives at reporting in a manner that incites a dialogue aimed at getting to the truth.

Based in Southern Utah, Hyland works from his studio in Kayenta's Art Village, as well as from wherever his work takes him. On his rare off days he can be found with his family and friends exploring the pristine outdoors. Hyland cherishes what he calls "the modest life, lived well."

You an armchair politico, Hyland. You don know anything about nitty gritty election tactics, because if you did, you have a job on a campaign. Also, your writing is atrocious don even "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" know where to begin. And I having a hard time calming down from the hysterical laughter you induced when you claimed to be mentoring people in this field. Look, there are plenty of people out there who make a handsome living writing drivel. You can, too, but first you got to learn how to write the right kind of drivel. I can give you some pointers on what you can work on free of charge, if you want.

Just because you don like what is being said in the opinion piece does not make it incorrect. Oil prices are set by crude oil prices on the global market. Drilling in American will not make us energy independent and will not lower energy prices. Take Utah: we drill, refine, and process here and yet our prices continue to go up is that? Now lets look at alternative energy which actually would help us become energy independent, but it is people like Romney and his conservative base that are fighting it. will not only degrade our environment, it will keep us dependent on oil. Furthermore, the market does not take into account external costs such as pollution and health effects from oil and gas drilling. Just look at the air and asthma rates in northern Utah for a real time example. Why is the President giving alternative energy subsidies? So it can compete with oil and gas, which it can compete with because oil and gas companies get subsidies. The best answer would be to get rid of subsidies all together, but then the price of gas would go up and everyone would be screaming about it. So if you are really interested in facts you need to stop taking the truth about Romney as a personal insult and fact check yourself. Of course that requires that you be open to the truth. In case you really don want to do any research, here is a cute little video that will make it very easy for you.